The Magic of our Mind

Mysterious thing, our mind is.

Thoughts, memories, emotions, logic, sensory perception, information processing, spatial awareness, calculations, data sorting, analysis, reflex, response, body functions, thoughts, dreams, ideas… huh. So many roles, so many tasks, so much data overloaded on one tiny 1.5 kg (3.3 lb) *1 muscle of our body — OUR BRILLIANT BRAIN.

It’s marvelous to fathom how profound and complex our mind is yet how easily it filters and simplifies everything for us, many a times without our conscious cognizance. Right from our breathing to our heart, our body, our reflex, our response, our simplest reactions, our mood, our thoughts and opinions, our routine like waking up or bathing or reading the newspaper while having breakfast or gauging the speed at which to drive our car or when to push brakes — our mind does it all in a fraction of seconds. Yet, consciously, when we’re faced with a problem, or given a riddle, or presented with some not-so-obvious calculations to do, we find ourselves perplexed.

At MIT, a team of neuroscientists studying the human brain, decided to put the brain’s processing capabilities to a test. They showed a series of 6 or 12 images to the test subjects at gradually increasing speeds varying between 13 and 80 milliseconds. The researchers expected a decline in performance around 50 milliseconds, based on the previous studies. However, they found that the subjects continued to perform better as the researchers dropped the image exposure time from 80 milliseconds to 53 milliseconds, to then 40 milliseconds, then 27, and finally 13 milliseconds *2. Whoa!! Whoa whoa whoa…. Did they just record our mind process 6/12 entire images, that our naked eye saw, in as little as 13 milliseconds?! That’s mind boggling. I was taken aback for a few seconds when I read this at first. I went through their article again, and then again just to confirm if I had read it right.

If our mind can do that, is there really anything that it can’t do?! I wonder. And this, is what I call THE MAGIC OF OUR MIND. I have always been curious about and intrigued by our mind. I have observed, read, researched a lot on this and it still continues to surprise me.

Today, I write about this magnificent organ of ours to make you aware how blessed and fortunate we are to be gifted with this exceptional super computer which not only belongs just to us, but its fast, agile, never runs out of power, doesn’t need internet and the best part, has an unlimited capacity — if only one knows how to train it and use it right; this magical mind that we all have been gifted but seldom use. Especially the current generation and the ones next in line. I say this because, albeit being a technologically advanced and digital generation, most of us have been handicapped by this very technology. We have become so dependent on it for every little thing in our daily lives, that we have stopped putting our BRILLIANT BRAIN to work which, we just learned, can do wonders in milliseconds. Let us use our naturally gifted supercomputer — OUR MIND.

Next up, I’m going to be decoding this mind of ours — what it comprises of, how it works, how it stores and process information, etc. So stay tuned.

Do write back about how you felt about this blog, was it insightful, any other topic you would want me to cover or even any feedback or queries.4

CP Juhi

Memory & Mind Performance Coach | Communications Psyche Coach

Founder — Mind Magic

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*1 — The exact weight of a person’s brain depends on their age, gender and is even known to be affected by the origin of that person.

*2 — As shared by MIT News in the article titled “In the blink of an eye”